“Sleep On It! ; Sleep, Memory and the Officer Interview”

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Inspector (Ret.) Chris Butler New Research Improves Understanding of the Relationship between Sleep and Memory Consolidation Decades of research on memory formation has advanced our understanding of how we perceive events, the role of heuristics and context cues – how we see what we expect to see even if the anticipated stimulus was not present, [...]

Forced To Shoot – Subject-Precipitated Homicide

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Inspector (Ret.) Chris Butler Subject-precipitated homicide (SPH) refers to incidents in which a citizen consciously engages in behavior to a degree that compels a police officer to fear he or she is under an imminent deadly threat so that, the officer(s) will respond with lethal force. In this article I have intentionally used the term [...]

Does Handcuffed Equal Harmless?

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I was recently involved in a use of force investigation where two police officers utilized physical force on an arrest who was handcuffed. The officers had a drawn-out battle with the suspect to get him into handcuffs during the arrest and were escorting him to the police vehicle when he again began to vigorously resist [...]

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