We are proud to be associated with these individuals & service organizations

Force Science Institute

The Force Science Institute is comprised of a world-class team of physicians, psychologists, behavioral scientists, attorneys and other leading professionals.

Their goal is to provide information on human behaviors during high‑stress, rapidly unfolding encounters to those who are tasked with evaluating and investigating the behavior of individuals involved in these events.


Winning Mind Training

Law enforcement is one of the most important, most complex, most demanding, most challenging and most rewarding professions in our society. Winning Mind Training exists to serve the courageous men and women of law enforcement with innovative, practical, engaging, thought provoking presentations and training programs designed to enhance competence and confidence through knowledge and understanding.


Crisis Point Trauma Care

Crisis Point Trauma Care trains civilians and First Responders in life‑threatening trauma care including massive hemorrhage control, airway emergencies and respiration emergencies. Services include consulting for First Responder trauma care in high threat civilian environments.


Jonathan W. Hak, Q.C.

Jonathan W. Hak, Q.C. is a Crown Prosecutor who specializes in legal issues regarding forensic video analysis and expert witness evidence in general. He developed a dynamic and highly effective course on Expert Witness Testimony which is designed for expert witnesses in any field of expertise. Since 2006, this course has been presented at various locations in Canada and the United States for federal investigative agencies, forensic laboratories, provincial regulatory agencies, provincial and municipal police services and other professional groups. He also developed and presents a course on Courtroom Testimony for Investigators.



The iNPUT-ACE and iNPUT-ACE | Lite software packages provide investigators with powerful tools to manage their digital video evidence. The two dynamic software programs work alongside each other to expedite any case that involves video evidence: from video playback, to clip extraction, enhancement, analysis, report writing, and much more.


Forensic Video Solutions

Forensic Video Solutions is among the best known and respected digital video analysis companies in the industry. It approaches each case assignment utilizing its entire team of experts, resulting in a faster project response and allowing clients more input long before trial.


International Public Safety Association

The International Public Safety Association (IPSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a stronger, more integrated public safety community capable of an effective joint response to all incidents.

IPSA represent all public safety disciplines including law enforcement, fire service, EMS, telecommunications, public works (water, sanitation, transportation), public health, hospitals, security, private sector, and emergency management.

The IPSA engages its members year-round and offers several professional development opportunities – from committee work to training.