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Tired of ‘death by PowerPoint’? Looking for a keynote speaker that will both challenge and encourage your audience? If you are looking for dynamic and professional presentation for your conference or corporate gathering you have arrived at the right place!

Chris Butler brings his depth of law enforcement experience, policing ethos and years as a police commander and leader together to deliver passionate presentations.

Mr. Butler has delivered presentations across North America to law enforcement, search and rescue, fire and EMS, military, nursing and security professionals.

Raptor will design presentations specifically to your organizational need and context. Here is a sampling of the topics that Chris has provided keynote presentations:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – “Metamorphosis – One Cops Journey through PTSD, Recovery and Beyond”
  • Crisis Decision Making – “Killer Decision Making for Critical Occupations”
  • Unified Command and Interoperability – “No More Dave Sanders Stories”. Check out Chris’ WINx video below.
  • Leading Organizational Change – “Being an Agent of Change”
  • Use of Force – “Critical Use of Force Issues in Canadian Law Enforcement”
  • Winning Mindset – “The Combat Mindset – The Guardian Will Not Lose”
  • Resiliency – “The Theatre of the Mind; Building Resiliency for Critical Occupations”
  • Active Assailant – “Understanding, Preparing For and Countering the Active Assailant Threat”
  • Law Enforcement Training – “We’ve Always Done It This Way!; Applying Science to Training Design and Delivery”
  • Police Leadership – “Inspiring the Warrior’s Heart – Leading By The Front”
  • Ask about other topics!

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“Chris Butler’s presentation captured the audience.

I had the pleasure of working with Chris to coordinate an informative session for ASIS 162’s Women in Security group. He spoke to over 20 members and supporters of WIS, providing a thoroughly inspiring speech.

I enjoyed working with Chris; his presentation on the RTOC and portrayal of the collaborative approach taken by each CPS division was very well received by our members. The information in his speech, slides and videos provided were both fascinating and timely.

The intent of WIS is to provide support and assistance to women in the security field, as well as inspire those interested in entering the profession. We truly believe the event has made a lasting impact on each of the attendees. Thank you Chris!”

Terri Govang, CPPSecurity and Technology Professional, HID Global

“Our practitioners need to make risk assessment decisions based on a mixture of judgement of evidence and experience. We invited Chris to speak about how judgement is affected under pressure at one of our professional development seminars. Chris brought a variety of video, personal stories and science to help out members consider their frame of mind under stress. Everyone left with much to consider and new tools to improve their craft. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who is considering his subject matter for a seminar.”

Joe Obad
Executive Director
, Canadian Avalanche Association

“On behalf of ASIS Calgary/Southern Alberta Chapter 162, we wanted to thank you again for presenting at the breakfast session on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 on the topic of Active Assailants. We greatly appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to speak with the security community on the topic.
The presentation was informative, educational, and gave the members a great deal of information to take back to their workplaces to help renew or create response procedures for their facilities and teams. The use of current events and documented research allowed the group to put this in to a realistic perspective. Understanding what the public should expect during a police response and the time before the police arrive is critical in designing our own messages to our clients and property teams.”

Jody Reid
Security and Management Professional

“Chris presented to our fire and EMS members recently. His presentation on critical incident stress and building resiliency in critical occupations spoke directly to all members of our team. His teachings have been talked about since. Chris’ field experience, knowledge and research based information has taught our members how to better care for themselves and for each other. I highly recommend Chris.”

Jennifer Fisher-Sundberg
Captain / EMT
, Pincher Creek Emergency Services