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Training Services

Since our inception in 2004, Raptor Protection has been dedicated to the research and development of risk assessment, communication skills, use of force, decision making and personal safety techniques, as well as resiliency and critical incident stress tolerance.

Our driving ambition is to deliver training that is supported by the most current research into human kinetics, biomechanics, attention and perception and decision making. As the research and best practices have continued to develop over the years, so our training programs have continued to evolve.

Our Use of Force for Investigators program, which took over two years to fully develop, is specifically designed for the investigator who is responsible for investigating complex use of force incidents.

Whether you are seeking training on how to optimize crisis decision making for your staff, seeking to improve your employees ability to effectively communicate and deescalate conflict with clients or to have the ability to control and manage violent encounters, Raptor training programs will both challenge and encourage the student as well as enhance their professionalism and that of your Organization.

Please take a few moments to review our courses and contact Raptor to inquire about how you can bring the most advanced public safety training to your agency!


“Chris is an outstanding instructor who makes the interpretation of scientific studies applicable in the real world of law enforcement. Had the opportunity to be instructed by Chris today and after reading all the scientific studies, it was not until Chris broke it down and explained it that its application to how we train officer was made clear. His dedication to using science and extensive experience in evaluating use of force incidents and providing key training objectives to firearm instructors.”

Eric Daigle - Principal, Daigel Law Group, LLC

“I have been fortunate to know Chris Butler and see the impact he has had on the training world first hand. His professionalism is only exceeded by his passion to provide solid and meaningful training. He believes in and lives the motto ‘when the master is no longer the student, he is no longer the master’. Chris strives to continue to learn and then apply that knowledge to what he does.

With 34 years of law enforcement / public safety experience and bringing evidence-based methodology into the training environment, I would highly recommend Chris for your training needs.”

Lon Bartel - Use of Force and Tactical Training Consultant - VirTra Subject Matter Expert, Virtra

“Law enforcement training is neither an art nor a science. It is a craft and Chris Butler is a master craftsman. His ability to take complex scientific concepts and explain them in understandable terms, making them accessible to laymen and practitioners, is unparalleled. His experience, knowledge, and credibility in the field of law enforcement combined with his in depth understanding of human factors and decision-making in the context of police use of force encounters makes him a rare and valuable resource. His public speaking ability and presentation style are world class. Chris is one of the most knowledgeable yet humble law enforcement professionals I’ve ever had the privilege of working with and it is an honor to highly recommend him as both a police use of force expert and a master law enforcement instructor.”

Paul TaylorM.A. - ABD (University at Albany, NY) - Justice Quarterly: Managing Editor - Law Enforcement Instructor and Consultant

“Chris attended the 2015 annual conference of the Alberta Municipal Enforcement Association to present on decision making in law enforcement. I have undergone years of training in officer safety, control tactics and tactical communication. Chris was able to provide an all encompassing approach to the science behind what we do. He brought all of the fundamental issues to the learning floor and was able to support everything by using the science of the body, the mind, and the real time lessons learned from historical incidents. I will go out of my way to attend seminars offered by this plugged in and entertaining, but most importantly, knowledgeable instructor. You have my respect, sir.”

Dean Young - Peace Officer - First Responder, Mental Health Advocate, Author, Public Speaker and Community Safety Consultant