Dan began serving in the Canadian Forces Infantry Reserves at just 17 years old. He spent six years practicing to be cold, wet, and tired before moving on to a career in law enforcement.

In 2020 Dan retired from the Calgary Police Service where he helped to train thousands of officers and dozens of partner agencies. Much of his career was focused on making officers better through effective patrol tactics and communications training.

Dan spent two decades with the CPS’s Public Safety Unit, where he was a lead instructor in specialty munitions and crowd safety risk management. Dan was part of a small working group tasked with researching, designing and implementing a highly successful Less Lethal Weapons program for patrol officers.

Dan is currently a Reserve member of the RCMP. He has published articles in numerous law enforcement magazines and journals and he is the Instructor Development section editor of the ILEETA Journal. He is a Master Instructor and Canadian Director of Training for the Reality Based Training Association (RBTA.net).

In his personal time Dan is an average endurance athlete and an enthusiastic yet mediocre bow hunter.

For the past decade Dan has presented regularly across Canada and the US on many topics, including instructor development. Dan uses his experience as a stand-up comedian to help instructors hone their ability to deliver unforgettable training. He is the author of the book Kickass Presentations – Wow Audiences with PowerPoint Slides that Click, Humor that’s Quick and Messages that Stick.

Dan can be reached at dan@raptorprotection.com.