CEO and Chief Instructor

A 34-year law enforcement veteran, Chris recently retired as the Inspector of the Major Event and Emergency Management Section of the Calgary Police Service in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; an agency of over 2200 sworn officers policing approximately 1.2 million people.

During Chris’s law enforcement career, he was a member of the Public Safety Unit for over 14 years and during this time was involved in conducting risk assessments and planning operational tactics for events such as the World Petroleum Congress and the G8 Summit. Chris was also deployed to Toronto for the G20 Summit. Chris has a particular professional interest in Human Rights Policing and has delivered training on this topic extensively.

Chris has an extensive background in law enforcement use of force and has been certified as an instructor or instructor trainer in numerous firearms, combatives, less lethal/chemical agents and emergency vehicle operation disciplines. In addition, Chris has training in special event risk management and close personal protection. Chris is currently a National Trainer for NLETC.

Chris has made presentations at National and International law enforcement conferences and has been qualified at Provincial and Federal court as an expert in firearms safety, police firearms training, law enforcement use‑of‑force training and evaluation. Chris has testified over 30 times as a use of force expert in criminal matters pertaining to officer involved shootings and in-custody deaths in Canada.

Chris is currently an advanced force science specialist and instructor for the Force Science Institute (FSI). He has been certified as a use of force investigator and advanced force science analyst and has instructed the ‘Biomechanics of Human Force Encounters’ workshop for FSI throughout Canada and the United States for over six years.

Chris serves on the Rescue Task Force Committee for the International Public Safety Association (IPSA) as well as serving on the Board of Directors. The mandate of IPSA is to develop a best‑practices interoperability framework for Police, Fire and EMS and Dispatch in response to criminally‑caused mass casualty incidents and natural disasters.

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“Over the past twenty years of my career in policing in Calgary I have had the extreme good fortune to have worked directly with Inspector Chris Butler in his role as our officer in charge of the Chief Crowfoot Learning Center, wherein he lead the entirety of our training as it applied to Officer Safety Skills for both new recruit officers and that of our in service members. In that time Chris began to demonstrate his unique capacity for true research and knowledge transfer in the areas of lethal force encounters, as well as other use of force encounters as they became subject of various Inquiries, criminal code investigations and Professional Standard investigations. Chris is nationally recognized for his comprehensive use of force opinions, bringing precise technical knowledge of officer safety skills as well as a specific understanding of brain science as it applies to the human brain under the influence of extreme stress.

Amongst his many significant accomplishments were his comprehensive research and subsequent policy development in the areas of Lateral Vascular Neck Restraints, which was recognized by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He also led our services foray into Conducted Energy Weapons, and the deployment of Carbine rifles for front line officers. All these comprehensive research projects led to deployment of these use of force modalities, through policy and curriculum development, that are all still in place today in the Calgary Police Service.

Chris subsequently moved into the areas on incident command and major emergency event planning where he again bought with him a high degree of precise knowledge of command and control principles, as well as emergency preparedness and subsequent training for our entire service.

Amongst all the knowledge and experience that Chris harnessed to establish his national credibility in this field, perhaps his most enduring attribute is that of his values based leadership, coupled with his morality and character. I would be hard pressed to say in over three decades of policing and international travels that I have met anyone who is a more detailed in his knowledge of the complete spectrum of officer safety skills, but all the while being an impressive family man, community and police leader.”

Chief Constable Roger Chaffin
Calgary Police Service