Early identification & intervention

Inter‑personal violence is an unfortunate reality of the world in which we live; in fact the impact of workplace violence costs private and public industry millions of dollars every year. Worse than the financial costs however, are the deleterious emotional impacts and risks of physical injury (which in some extreme cases can be serious bodily harm or death).

The world continues to become increasingly violent. Whether you live or work in a remote location, a large city or your company or clients travel to other countries, there exists a risk of workplace violence. Everyday the media bombards us with incidents of violence in our communities ranging from workplace violence, violent incidents in our schools, on our campuses, in our malls and churches. Our society continues to struggle against the dramatic increase in the proliferation of drug and alcohol related violent crimes.

Raptor Protection and Safety Services is committed to provide leading instruction, training and consulting in all aspects of workplace and personal violence mitigation strategies.

Early identification and intervention is a key aspect in preventing workplace violence.

The Workplace Violence Preparedness & Prevention Course will encourage both the employer and the employee to change the way we think about our safety. Raptor Protection challenges you to foster and maintain an attitude of personal awareness and safety; an attitude that will reduce the risk of violence happening to you, both on the job and in your personal life.

The underlying philosophy of any functional violence mitigation is the focus on risk assessments, awareness, recognition and avoidance. It is critical for the employee to have a consistent level of education and awareness that that permits early recognition of the escalating potential for physical violence and strategies for intervening in appropriate ways that increase the opportunity to, first and foremost, avoid a physical confrontation.

Having recognized that the majority of violent encounters can be predicted and avoided, the training you will receive will focus heavily on these strategies. However, we must also acknowledge that in some situations physical violence can find us quickly seemingly without any prior indications. In these circumstances, you need to have a level of mental preparedness that will allow you to employ the necessary physical maneuvers to defeat your attacker’s assault and allow you to disengage to a position of relative safety.

Each Workplace Violence Preparedness & Prevention Course is tailored to the unique work environment and context of the organization.

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