Senior Master Instructor/Professional Instructor

Bachelor of Human Kinetics with specialization in Instruction and Coaching

Lee is a Professional Police Instructor, with 16 years of training experience. He specializes in course content development, Instructor Training, facilitation and design for large training initiatives.

He has a solid understanding of training methodologies, lesson plans, course training standards, mentoring, trainee evaluation and remediation.

Lee has extensive experience and has Instructor or Master Instructor certification in Use of Force/Emergency Vehicle training, including subject control tactics, Tactical First Aid, conducted energy weapons (Taser), lateral vascular neck restraint (LVNR), chemical agents, less lethal weapons and Officer Safety.

Lee has received Chief of Police commendation for his development of the Tactical Combat Medical program for police officers.

He is an extremely competent Incident Commander and has supervised over 100 large events ranging from music festivals, and concerts to protests with attendance reaching over 20,000 people.

Lee received special commendation for his command during the Calgary flood of 2013.

Since 2007, Lee has been a lead instructor for Raptor Protection programs specializing in our personal safety and awareness, self defense, use of force and de-escalation programs.