Control tactic systems & techniques

The Raptor Handcuffing and Control Program is based upon research-based techniques that have been validated in over twenty years of law enforcement training and operational application. The course instructors are highly accomplished and certified Trainers in a broad variety of effective control tactic systems and techniques.

During this 8 hour program students will learn:

  • The legal, medical and practical implications of handcuffing.
  • Handcuff application techniques on cooperative subjects.
  • Handcuff application techniques on resistant subjects.
  • Handcuff application techniques on combative subjects.
  • Transitions from physical control holds to handcuff application while preventing any opportunity for escape or counter-attack.
  • Effective and safe takedowns using handcuffs as a control tool.
  • Effective use of communication techniques throughout the control and handcuffing process.
  • Proper and systematic search techniques.
  • Unique circumstances and challenges to handcuffing.

This course includes static training with sufficient repetition to gain the basic skills and then will progress to more dynamic training replicating application of handcuffs in realistic contexts.

For more information or to inquire about bringing this dynamic training to your organization, contact Chris Butler at chris@raptorprotection.com.