Managing contact with people in crisis

Studies have indicated that first responders in critical occupations will spend the majority of their time communicating with people in a variety of situations. These citizens are often in a state of conflict or crisis which can make tensions high and the possibility of escalation a very real threat if the contact professional does not respond in a strategic manner. These citizens typically display a wide variety of behaviours which may include physical, emotional and mental health factors.

The Raptor Strategic Communications & De‑escalation Course has been delivered to law enforcement officers, security professionals, nurses, doctors, firefighters and paramedics. Any employee working in an occupation where contact with persons in conflict or crisis is likely should strongly consider this program.

This course is designed to provide contact professionals with a wide variety of communication strategies to help resolve situations with the best possible outcome for all parties. The goal of this course is to utilize best practices in communication with members of the public across a spectrum of calls for service including lower risk everyday interactions and rare but complex high-risk interactions.  Ideally, students trained in this program will use the techniques to de-escalate elevated situations, talk uncooperative persons into voluntary compliance, and interact with members of the public in a positive and professional manner.

The course will provide training on:

  • Correct identification of a person in conflict or state of crisis
  • Effective tactical principles of strategic communication to reduce tension
  • Understand personal biases (implicit and explicit) that may present a barrier to effective communication
  • Active listening techniques
  • Rapport and influence building practices
  • Persuasion techniques
  • Recommendations for interacting with Persons in conflict or crisis
  • Integrating Strategic Communication techniques with effective safety tactics

The Raptor Strategic Communications & De‑escalation Course course is typically delivered in an 8-hour module. However, both shorter and longer versions have been delivered to meet the unique training demands of the requesting organization.

For more information or to inquire about bringing this dynamic training to your organization, contact Chris Butler at chris@raptorprotection.com.